Monday, March 21, 2011

Jaipur Mein Anand-March 2011

We(Myself & Anand) travelled to Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, march 2011, which was work & Pleasure trip. Its not that i have not been to Jaipur before, but there is something grand and stately about the city that is always refreshing. Modern structures mark the skyline, but the heritage Havelis, Forts, Palaces, Astronomical buildings like Jantar Mantar & Museum etc are the ones which are ageless and attract millions every year.
Rambagh Palace at night in full lighted splendor is simply awesome.

Stop On the way to Jaipur-Anand & My Indica

Lost Amongst Antiques


Mandawa Palace-Hotel of our stay  in Jaipur

Internal Courtyard-Mandawa

Main Entrance Mandawa Palace
Rambagh Palace

Elephants supports in stone below the main entrance podium-Rambagh

Royal splendor lit up in glory at night-Rambagh

Internal Courtyard-Rambagh

Musicians performing amongst the glass vials with Rose petals & fragrant candles

His Highness Sunjay @ Rambagh Bar

Anand, Sunjay & Akshay @Rambagh

Site visit at Nite for the Indoor polo turf being built by Akshay in Jaipur

Jal Mahal View- On the way Back

Domes @ Rajput Architecture

Elephants are synonymous with Royal Splendor

View of Amer Palace

Amer Palace


The boundary wall of the Amer fort stretching along the ridge of the mountain making it impregnable

Another Dome @Rajput Architecture

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome located in Motor city, turning off the Sheikh Zayed Road from Mall of emirates towards the Emirates road u will see the signages leading to the Dubai Autodrome and the Motorcity. About 15-20 minutes drive from the sheikh Zayed road. One can still see a lot of construction activity in the area.
Once you enter the motorcity keep on going to the end almost and u will see the Outdoor Kartodrome sign on the left. We reached about 5 pm(the opening time in the evening shift) and proceeded to the viewing gallery.  The viewing gallery was sparsely crowded but apart from providing a good overview of the track, it also provided us a good location to click a few good pictures. From the deck you also make out where mostly the drivers were making mistakes, although i found that avoiding these mistakes is easier said than done and of course requires to slow down which looses on precious lap completion times. This done we reached the registration kiosk as directed by the cabayan counter girl. Registration done we pay the money 120 AED for the first time and proceed to the change rooms where driving outfits for various sizes are hung in racks. The kit includes Driving suit, A sheer fabric inner wear for the helmet+Helmet+Gloves, and of course you can avail the lockers.
Well the carts are having a low CG and difficult to choose the fitter one. The first one i choose had a steering problem and i had to pull out to the pits after the 1st lap itself. The second cart fared better in steering control but was prone to shaking vigorously on speeding. The wheel alignment was in for a toss.
We were in Session 12, the instructions were pelted out and we were off. It takes a couple of laps to understand the track and  my timings were pathetic and improved for the later laps. Well i din't tell before but the time for each session if 15 mintues and normally completes 5 laps. It certainly gives u a adrenaline high and one starts enjoying the challenge of the compete.  The better guys did 1.08-1.10 minutes for a lap and amateurs like me finished last with the best time of 1.42 minutes. Santhana along with me clocked 1.38 minutes. Well there is always next time..:-)
Must check for the driving enthusiasts, albeit the Karts could be better.
Cheers! gotta go now


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Trip to Dibba, Khor Al Fakkan & Fujairah

The trip was actually a result of no other available option, all the Airlines, Hotels booked, so one of  the only options left to us bachelors and forced bachelors was to take the road to Dibba, Khor Al Fakkan & Fujairah.
All these places are not too far from Dubai, total driving time was about 1 hr 45 minutes one way. One can stop on the way at the carpet market (where a pathan brethen tied the head scarf for me). There were total 4 of us, Myself, Santhana, Charan & KC. We were lucky to get a 1 bedroom chalet for 850 aed for a nite (all the places were running full) at HBM (Highway beach motel) at the Start of Dibba-Fujairah Highway.
Daru, Dance bars, Snooker and Hamsha (the smart morroccan waitress) were the highlights of the stay. Also santhana had some rare james bond style pics clicked in the sea.

Stop after Masafi

Santhana & Me on the Jet ski

These were the breakwaters at HBM
KC was the surprise discovery for the photography and was perpetually glued to D 3000. Santha was the daredevil Jet skier of the day.

One of the best by KC

Hajjar Mountains

Safa ceremony

Monday, November 8, 2010

Diwali visit Home-Nov 2010

Its happens once a year on Diwali that our entire family gets together. Parents and brother's family              had come over from Faridabad (around 40 km from my place) and sister's family was able to join us too. We opened a champagne bottle but it had turned sour to everyone's disappointment :-(
Nevertheless a chivas was just handy :-)..... all of us managed a wink at about 3 am in the morning yet everyone loved the feeling of togetherness.
Here's a picture of the entire family 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A visit to JBR on an extremely Lazy day. wasted about 100 odd attempts to get a few good pictures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello everyone!
Today i start to blog, its one of the most remarkable points of my life. a fresh lease of life, a portal where i can be myself and create what i want. :-)